Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fly Festival Season Is Here

There are many events taking place within 6 hours of Natchitoches that members may be interested in. These events feature programs, fly tying, casting, and much more to enhance and improve our skills as fly anglers. They include:

Dr. Ed Rizzolo Fly Tying Fest - Sat, February 4 - Houston, TX
Little Mo Fly Fest - Sat, February 17-19 - Murfreesboro, AR
Acadiana Conclave - Sat, February 25 - Lafayette, LA
Red Stick Fly Fest - Sat, March 3 - Baton Rouge, LA
Fly Fish Texas - Sat, March 10 - Athens, TX

Our own "conclave" is in the planning stages for sometime in May. Stay tuned.